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1035 Baxter Street Suite B
Athens, GA

Charley Ferlito is a tattoo artist based in Athens, Georgia at American Classic Tattoo shop located on Baxter Street. He is also the bass player for punk rock band Burns Like Fire and hip hop group The Swank. 



Photo credit: Erin Barrett

Photo credit: Erin Barrett

Hembree and the satan sisters

Debut album “F.Y.F” coming early 2019.


divine feed

Divine Feed is comprised of lead singer and guitarist Jonathan Coody, bass player and backing vocalist Charley Ferlito, and drummer Matt Palmerlee.

Burns Like Fire

As bass player, vocalist, and song writer for punk band Burns Like Fire (BLF) for over 7 years, I enjoyed playing along side well known groups such as Bad Religion, Misfits, Sick of it All, Antiseen and Propagandhi.

Photo credit: Jeremy Barton

Photo credit: Jeremy Barton

The Swank

In late 2013, I joined a band called The Swank. The Swank can be classified as "urban rock," which is a mix between rap/hip hop and rock n' roll. The band was comprised of lead vocalist and song writer Curtison Jones (also known as Son1 from his solo work), guitarist Ash Militides, and drummer Joshua Johnson.



GUFF formed in 2000, and I was the bass player and a vocalist. We played super fast punk rock and were on GoKart record label. In 2008, we played Warped Tour working our asses off and having the time of our lives. I moved to Alaska for a few months in 2009, and GUFF dissipated. However, our music lives on! You can still find it on iTunes and Spotify. 


Community Chaos

Community Chaos was the first band I was ever in! Being 16 when I joined, we had lots to learn, but had tons of fun. We lived at the International House of Chaos where we put on house shows for touring bands and raging parties. We played punk rock music for punk rock people in punk rock places.